Organisational Strategy

A carefully curated strategy can solve an array of problems. Whilst some organisations choose to reactively deal with arising issues faced by their business, my approach is one of proactivity. Strategy has the potential to eliminate inefficiencies and overheads whilst strengthening market position and brand power. My experience working alongside some of business’ foremost strategic minds help inform a suitable and bespoke strategy.

I’m able to draw on a number of tactics to help my clients define their strategy. This includes: business planning, annual operating plans, business unit & functional adaptation, governance structure, organization structure alignment, vision & mission backward integration, setting objectives & goals, decision making philosophy & structure, delegation chain analysis, functional leadership and supply chain efficiencies.

International Marketing

International expansion can be costly and comes with the added risk of failure. For SME’s, this endeavour requires a dedicated team of experts, a task that isn’t easy to resource. Further to this, without an existing contact base and a solid grasp of the regional language, promoting your business abroad can be disadvantageous to many.

However, my 20+ years of international business has helped me understand the route to success. I have proven experience setting up and managing international pursuits: my large and varied contact pool as well as a deep understanding of managing cost is pivotal to new international businesses. With no permanent cost, using a consultant like myself with an apprehension of revenue generation times can be financially beneficial and resource-light for SME’s.

Sales Augmentation

As business becomes global, customers look for suppliers that offer more than the traditional package. Furthermore, as disruptors sweep industry, those that let their offering define them rather than the customer problem they solve get left behind. The importance of understanding customers and market trends cannot not be underestimated.

I help businesses leverage their core competencies, increasing repeat business and competitiveness through various hunting and mining tactics. This includes customer decision journey tracking, client acquisition influencers, value & relationship selling, pipeline analysis & management and customer profiling & data based decision making.

Aspirational Value

Businesses that are able to utilise the benefit of aspirational value reap many rewards. Employees remain motivated, you attract better talent with the right skills & experience and customers take the first step. Whilst such a trait is mostly intangible, it makes a business appear superior in almost every respect. I help clients to transform their culture into one of creativity and intrapreneurship and form a brand that markets itself.

Inspiring value is not an easy task. However, I’m able to draw up tactics such as culture & values articulation, brand ambassadorship,leadership philosophy & impact planning, talent alignment andbrand communication & positioning.Through effective networking & relationship tactics I can create the right conditions for such a feat.

Influential Marketing

Expanding beyond your current market is rarely easy but investing in marketing helps grow a presence outside of those you’re already familiar with. But whilst marketing is an ideal route to expansion, getting it wrong can prove costly and time consuming.

I use my extensive marketing knowledge to help tailor your voice to the customers you want to target whilst directing content into the right channels. Using tactics like building an influential marketing strategy, attracting opinion leaders,nurturing campaigns and other ‘Word-of-Mouth’ tactics.

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