Growing a HR Startup

I was introduced to a 2 and a half year old staffing and human resources startup. Whilst they were a relatively young business, they were forward thinking in their mindset and were enjoying considerable success. My assignment helped expedite that success and grow the business past its plateau.

My Assignment

My initial contribution saw me expand the team from 12 members to over 65 whilst simultaneously multiplying the transactions of the business by a factor of 6. Completed within a 2 year timeframe, this assignment fed directly into the business’ goals of rapid and managed growth.

Further projects included expanding the business into new markets, building a robust client base, documenting and streamlining operational processes and plugging financial leakages.

The assignment led me to the expansion of office space into 3 new cities. I continued to develop business relations and established revenues within the new office locations. My work, facilitated by the internal IT team, helped develop and implement an indigenously developed ERP system for the handling of transactions across the business, further streamlining processes and building a lean model for my client.

My work surpassed client expectations and resulted in the exponential growth of an otherwise stunted organisation. I was recognised with a number of accolades by my clients as a result of my services to the business and recieved a number of recommendations from my seniors as well as peers.

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