About Me

About Me

With me it’s All About You! I am Your Growth Partner.

I provide management consulting services to improve Your performance, help You grow further & achieve superior customer satisfaction by:

  • Diagnosing, Assessing & Analysing business challenges & shortcomings
  • Formulate recommendations for appropriate action by factual investigation & analysis, with due regard for broader management & business implications.
  • Discuss & agree with You the most appropriate future course of action
  • Provide assistance where required to implement recommendations (Implementing & Managing Change)
  • I work with You to solve business challenges, augment Your brand perception, help you realise & utilise the full potential of Your People & Processes for Your Top Line Growth.
  • Using my empirical analytical skills in assessing business strategies, my clients build a leaner and a more agile organisation.
Nishant Khanduri
Nishant Khanduri
Nishant Khanduri
Nishant Khanduri

My clients and I work collaboratively to understand the nuances of the business’ problems and solve them using strategy and critical thinking.

Strategy Consulting 100%
Business Development 100%
Initiating and Managing Change 100%
Stakeholder / Key Account Management 100%

Past Assignments

My Previous work has included collaborating with some of the most renowned MNCs as well as the most promising Small and Medium Enterprises across the globe.

Notable Contributions

Opened & Acquired International Markets for multiple clients, drove revenues to triple digits in millions help achieve the goals of Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. My work has been recognised across India, especially during the 2014 Indian PM election campaign.

Proven Track Record In

Expanding current markets, opening international territories, building competitor profiles, augmenting sales, optimising ROI and effective capability development.

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